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My family arrived in this country with nothing except the clothes on our backs and a desire to start a new life. As a refugee family of war, we did not have much only we had each other. My father, my mother, two sisters, a brother, and myself. That’s all we needed.

Need and want are two different things though. When you have what you need, then you focus on what you want. And I wanted to offer a better life for my family and my future family.

So, through hard work, perseverance, and many part time jobs, loans, grants, and scholarships, I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois. Why? Because I was told the way to succeed was to work hard, get good grades, and get a job. And that’s exactly what I did.

I then successfully worked in the corporate world holding several positions including, Manufacturing Engineer, Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Sr. Business Analyst. I even obtained my Project Management Professional Certification with the Project Management Institute. And through all that, I knew that getting good grades and a good job was still not going to give me the life I wanted. Sure, it would give me everything I needed, just not everything I wanted. I knew that there was more to life than working a 9-to-5 in a corporate job, so I did some research and started my own business. And so the journey began…

Hundreds of thousands of dollars later, countless of hours upon hours of studying, networking, working, and learning, I now own several companies. As a matter of fact, my specialty is building the foundation of companies. I look to SYSTEMIZE businesses and focus on not just the business, but the people running the business as well. The true success of a business lies within its owners and having the right mindset and a burning desire. My burning desire is to help others succeed and live better lives.

To this end, I’ve also fortunate enough to dramatically change and impact the lives of thousands of people around the world as an Executive Success and Event coach with the likes of Powerteam International and Marshall Sylver’s Mind Power Inc. I’ve coached at events held by Lou Brown and Ron LeGrand. I also teach at my own events and I’m also a Certified Local Trainer with the Junior Chamber of Commerce – a young adult’s organization which fosters leadership development through community service.

My business strategy focuses on four things.

First, business fundamentals. Most businesses forget about the fundamentals. Most business owners have passion and drive and go out and do only they do the wrong things or they do some things and not others. When you go back to the basics and focus on the fundamentals, you build the base for your business to thrive and prosper.

Second, YOU and your personal mindset and mastery. Understanding your strengths and skills, likes and dislikes, and passions and desires will enable you to excel at the right things and outsource the rest. In addition, focusing on YOU includes living a healthy life – exercise and nutrition are a must.

Third, branding and marketing. Too often people spend too much or too little on marketing and advertising and not building a strong brand. Combining a strong brand with targeted guerilla marketing startegies will optimize your exposure, decrease expenses, and increase sales.

And finally, cash flow management and wealth building. You need cash now and money later. Through advanced tax strategies, cash flow management, and proper investment vehicles, I help people develop a plan to maximize their business and personal wealth.

When you combine the four items, you will start living a life of fullfillment and enjoyment. Live every moment. Make that commitment to your life. I believe that the thing that has made me so successful in the things I do is my strong sense of commitment – my commitment myself and my family, my commitment to helping others, and my commitment to life. Commit To Life. Commit To Your Life. And come join me on my journey…

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